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Wellsprings Program

The Wellsprings Series of booklets leads women to gather in small groups to be refreshed together by the living word.

“Perhaps you have heard the story about a Nigerian woman who became somber when she was told that most North American women had water piped into their homes. “How do the women speak to one another?” she asked. “If I didn’t talk with the women at the village well, I wouldn’t know about their lives.”
These words from the cover of Volume XVI of Wellsprings clearly give the purpose for “Wells Groups.” If we do not come together, how can we possibly know our sisters? Whether you have been part of a “Wells Group” in the past or experiencing it for the first time all you need is a Bible, a group of women, and a willingness to listen and learn from one another.

There are several editions of Wellsprings available for purchase. The most recent is Return to the Well, Strengthening Families Worldwide in the 21st Century. You can order this and past editions via

Women, Water, & Worship

Women, Water, & Worship is a forthcoming publication that explores how women of faith are united through the symbolism of water. This publication is a project of Church Women United (CWU), an ecumenical Christian organization with roots going back to World War II. Women, Water, & Worship is CWU’s first publication project that is geared towards interfaith communities of women, not merely ecumenical Christian gatherings. We invite you to take part in this watershed project!