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Fellowship of the Least Coin

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About FLC

The International Fellowship of the Least Coin (IFLC) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace and reconciliation. Persons in this movement make a commitment to spend time in prayer, and to uphold in prayer others who are victims of jealousy, hatred, violence, and injustice to the family, community, nation, and the world. Every time one prays, she sets aside a “least coin” of her currency as a tangible token of her prayer. Church Women United is the custodian for FLC offerings in the United States.

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Shanti Means Peace Book Launching

The story of the Fellowship of the Least Coin is now available to read in the form of a children’s book, Shanti Means Peace, available to order online! Watch the video below to learn more about this book project.

Check out this free resource packet for Shanti Means Peace, including a history of the FLC, craft ideas, and other ideas to engage children!


Order Materials

To order copies of the Annual Messages and Reports, brochures, or Circle of Prayer –  call Church Women United at 1-800-CWU-5551 or send an email to


Annual Messages & Reports – Free (one per request, only)

Circle of Prayer – $1.00 Each (plus postage)

Volume 19, 21, 22, and 23 available

Brochures – $3.25 (per 25, plus postage)


Donations can be sent by check to: Church Women United, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 243, New York, NY 10115. Pay to the order of Church Women United, with Fellowship of the Least Coin in the memo

Guidelines for the FLC Project Grants

Please read all of the following guidelines before contacting Church Women United for an application. The deadline for our annual application cycle is June 1. If you are applying from outside the United States please contact the Fellowship of the Least Coin in your country.

The Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for justice, peace and reconciliation.

It is a prayer movement. It is not a fund raising body nor a donor agency or organization. Through this movement, Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciling and forgiving life with others. Anyone who wishes to join this movement makes a commitment to spend time in prayer whenever she has a strained relationship with other person, and to uphold in prayer others who are victims of jealousy, hatred, violence and injustice. Each time she prays for justice, peace and reconciliation, she sets aside one “least coin” of her currency as a tangible token toward her prayer being answered. These coins are sent regularly to her country’s FLC collection point, where it is forwarded to the FLC Fund. The amount collected in each country is never publicized; only the total sum collected each year is announced. It is important that only the “least coin” of each currency be set aside so that even the poorest women of each country can be a part of this fellowship of love and care.

For further information contact your Regional Representative to the ICFLC.

Criteria for Project Grant

Grants shall be given as initial seed money for:

  • Emerging opportunities for awareness – raising and/or education on gender issues.
  • Programmes of literacy, health, violence against women and children, leadership development and other social issues recommended by recognized Christian groups.
  • Women’s programmes that promote justice, peace and reconciliation, in families, communities, and the environment.
  • Enabling women to meet ecumenically in regional and worldwide gatherings and to participate in ecumenical regional and global movements.

Guiding Principles for grant to any single project shall be :

  • Not to exceed US$5,000
  • Usually non-recurring
  • Not given for building or salaries
  • The sponsoring organization/the applicant should have planned for raising money locally for the project before applying for a FLC grant.
Funding Procedure
  1. Applicants must request application forms from their respective Regional Contacts. Only original FLC forms shall be accepted (no photocopies).
  2. All completed application forms must be endorsed by a national ecumenical organization and come through the recognized regional/global ecumenical organization’s representative to ICFLC or contact person.
  3. Endorsed application forms must be submitted to the ICFLC Executive Secretary by 30th of June every year by the ICFLC member. The original endorsed application forms may be faxed, but must still be sent in the mail.
  4. A narrative written report and financial report on the use of the grant, with accompanying pictures, must be submitted to the Executive Secretary of the ICFLC and the Regional Contact within one year of the receipt of the money.
  5. If grant is not used for the purpose requested, it must be refunded to the ICFLC.
  6. A group in one country can apply for funds for a project based in another country if the project is regional or international in scope and/or if it is done in written collaboration with other country/countries.
  7. For practical purposes all applications, reports and correspondence shall be submitted in the English language.

Note: The International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) endeavors to work closely with the Ecumenical Women’s Desks and organizations in the regions in promoting the vision and the work of FLC. Therefore all applicants for project grant should make contact with their respective regions for obtaining the FLC application forms as well as for getting endorsement for their requests.


The recipients of the FLC grants are invited and encouraged to participate in the FLC Prayer Movement by joining the circle of prayer and becoming partners in giving in the spirit of love and forgiveness.

Projects will be evaluated according to the following:

  • Name and description of the project Location and date for the project
    • Problems and needs of the context
    • Goals and objectives
    • Who will benefit from the project?
    • Expected outcome
  • Responsible organization for the project
    • Who will design, plan and administer the project?
  • Budget plan in detail – name any other sources of financial contributors and amount of contributions
  • Recommendation and rationale for supporting the project from the regional representative to the ICFLC
  • Additional information:
    • Photos of the project
    • Pamphlets or other materials
The Fellowship of the Least Coin Prayer

O loving Creator, we present ourselves in your divine presence to thank you for all the bountiful gifts of life. We are especially grateful for the Fellowship of the Least Coin which binds us together in love and forgiveness around the globe. Free us from all doubts and prejudices, we pray. Inspire us to live in solidarity with humankind that we may know the joy of giving and receiving. Dear God, accept the least coin “token of love.” Make us mindful of the miracles of these coins. Let us honor your creation with love, as shown through the life and resurrection of your son, Jesus the Christ. Amen.