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Good Samaritan Blog: Let There Be Peace On Earth


Good Samaritan Blog: Let There Be Peace On Earth


In honor and memory of Earth Day, Church Women United reflects on what is means to be a Good Samaritan to our earth. Across our country and world people continue to question whether climate change is real, while governments set policies and standards for our economy and living that wreak havoc on our environment. The people of Flint Michigan continues to have undrinkable water contaminated with lead from a decaying pipe system, which has not been addressed for over a year. The importance of our environment and our earth’s future is definitely something discussed in our culture and politics.

Caring for our earth and our earth’s importance is mentioned as well in our scriptures. As a fellow Church Woman pointed out in our 1989 “Policy Statement on Safeguarding the Health of the Earth and the integrity of Creation”,  she says:

“The Scriptures portray the relationships between God and creation as covenant and inclusive: God, humans, and earth. “This is a sign of the covenant which I make between me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I set my bow in the cloud, and it will be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth” (Gen. 9:12-13). The earth was included in the covenant!”

In is in the vision of the covenant faith, that Church Women United has long made social policies and stances that call for environmental justice and protections and care of the earth.

To witness the longevity of our commitment to caring for nature, we can go back to a social policy made in 1945 against the creation and distribution of atomic bombs. When I first looked at this policies, I wondered how they would be considered environmental policies. But as I continued to research our past, it seems that more than 10 policies were made in the span of a decade trying to respond to the harmful effects of atomic bombs and nuclear energy, both in the use of war and in the damages to the environment. Our history shows church women calling out to the US government and UN to stop the creation of bombs, stop nuclear testing, and rightful awareness of the destruction of atomic energy.

Church Women did not stop there. They continued making social policies to protect the environment. Their work culminated in a four-page, beautifully written document of our 1989 “Policy Statement on Safeguarding the Health of the Earth and the Integrity of Creation”.


Read the full Social Policy Here:   Policy Statement on Safeguarding the Health of the Earth and the Integrity of Creation [1989]
As faithful women, we continue to be dedicated to that beautiful vision and covenant of God’s rainbow promise. A promise to protect and renew life of every living creature on earth. May we continue to live into our long lasting legacy of environmental justice as handed down by those before us. May we one day see a world in true harmony with all God’s creation.

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