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Nickels for National

Your nickels will support the important work of Church Women United!


Is your unit participating in the Nickels for National effort?  It’s easy to do and fun to see how those nickels add up.  Encourage each woman in CWU to do her part to make Nickels for National a success.

  • Choose a day for your unit to start the project.  It could be one of the Celebration Days or any other unit gathering.  Spread the word to as many women as possible.
  • Sheets of pre-designed labels are available on the National CWU website (  Download enough for distribution to your unit participants.  [Note: Another source – all attendees at the Common Council meeting and the 70th Birthday celebration received a sheet of the labels in their packets.  They can be copied as needed.]
  • If possible, provide a container for each woman, any kind will do – vitamin container, juice bottle, peanut butter jar, mayonnaise jar.  Tape the label to the container as a reminder of what the collection supports.
  • Invite the women to place their containers in a prominent spot at home to remind them to drop in their Nickels for National.  Use email, newsletters, and word of mouth to remind women to collect nickels year around.  Pass a container at each unit meeting to reinforce the idea.
  • Designate a meeting for receiving the nickels – or personal checks representing their collected nickels.  Your Unit Treasurer can collect all funds and send a single check to your State Treasurer (noted as “Nickels for National”) or directly to the National Office.  Checks sent to the National Office should be made payable to Church Women United, Inc. and should be noted “Nickels for National” in the memo line.  Although September or October has been suggested for a payment date, checks received by the end of June would help our cash flow and thus be much appreciated.


We witness the generosity of CWU women in so many ways– through commitment to projects, leadership, and financial giving. Our involvement with the Fellowship of the Least Coin has shown us that a little can go a long way. Looking at this successful fundraising effort, based on one penny at a time, we asked is there a similar manner in which CWU can bring in the extra funds needed to support its operating budget?  Out of that discussion at a Board of Directors meeting the idea for “Nickels for National” was born.  It was approved as an ongoing fund-raising project at the November 2011 National Board meeting and presented to the Common Council while in session in 2011.

We look forward to receiving this ongoing source of support for the programs of Church Women United!  If you have any questions, please contact the National CWU Office toll free at 800-298-5551 or 

Download printable Nickels for National information sheet & labels:

Nickels for National

Nickels for National Labels