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Organizing a CWU Unit in your Community

There are many reasons why Christian women would be interested in organizing a unit of Church Women United in their local community, including:

  • To be a visible community of women from diverse denominations and churches witnessing to the unity given in Jesus Christ;
  • To be a visible community of faith who are committed to work for justice and right relationships within their communities and the world;
  • To create a multicultural, intergenerational community uniting for support, study, prayer, and action for social justice.

This Starting a New Unit booklet is helpful for new or existing units looking for revitalize their  work. Download Order Form here or call 1-­800­-CWU-­5551, ext. 1 for more information.



Local & State Unit Websites:

Note: the following do not represent the full breadth and scope of our movement.

Northeast Region

CWU in Cape Cod, MA

CWU in Connecticut

Mid-Atlantic Region

CWU in New York State

CWU in Rochester, NY

Southeast Region

CWU in Florida

CWU in North Carolina

CWU in Columbia, South Carolina

CWU in Virginia

Church Women United in Atlanta, GA

East Central Region

CWU in Madison, WI

Central Region

CWU in North Dakota

South Central

CWU in Austin, TX


CWU in Albuquerque, NM

CWU South Bay, CA

CWU in Southern California/Southern Nevada

CWU in Northern California-Northern Nevada

CWU in Tucson, AZ

Northwest Region

CWU in Lane County, OR

Newsletters for State & Local Units:

CWU in Connecticut

Newsletter – The Nutshell – May 2016

CWU in Florida

Newsletter – Florida Communicator – May 2016

CWU in Indiana

Newsletter – Spring 2015

CWU in Iowa

Newsletter – The Uniter – Spring 2016

Newsletter – The Uniter – Winter 2016

Newsletter – The Uniter – Fall 2015

Newsletter – The Uniter – Summer 2015

CWU in Maryland

Newsletter – Spring 2016

Newsletter – Winter 2016

CWU in Massachusetts

Newsletter – Church Women United of Cape Cod – Fall 2015

CWU in Nebraska

Newsletter – The Nebraska ChurchWoman – Feb 2015

CWU in New York

Newsletter – The Sundial – April 2016 (Rochester, NY Area)

Newsletter – The Sundial – March 2016 (Rochester, NY Area)

Newsletter – The Sundial – February 2016 (Rochester, NY Area)

CWU in Pennsylvania

Calendar – 2016 (York, PA Area)

CWU in Tennessee

Newsletter – Tennessee Tidings – Early 2016

Newsletter – Tennessee Tidings – Summer 2015

Newsletter – The Communicator – February 2016 (Nashville Area)

Newsletter – The Communicator – April 2015 (Nashville Area)

CWU in Texas

Newsletter – The Happenings of CWU in Bexar County – Feb 2015

CWU in Washington, D.C. Area

Newsletter – CWU Voice – February 2016

CWU in Wisconsin

Newsletter – Spring 2016

Newsletter – Winter 2016

Newsletter – Fall 2015

Newsletter – Summer 2015