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Honor A Valiant Woman!

Each unit is urged to honor at least one Valiant Woman every year. Look around your unit and find a woman who has given service to CWU, her own church, and her community for an extended period of time. She does not have to always be a leader, but can be someone who leads in a quiet way through her example. Find an individual who lives the Gospel message in her every day life.Church Women United Recognition of Valiant Women at ALL levels, local, state, regional, and national is encouraged! Download nomination form here or call 1-212-870-2347 for more information.

Recognize a Community Giant with a Human Rights Award

The Human Rights Award recognizes individuals who have been working in the field of human rights. Awardees are not always in the public eye, but they are consistent in their high regard for the dignity of others. They can be a person who has taught Sunday School for thirty years or volunteered in the local food pantry. It might be a leader in the community who has demonstrated for civil rights. It might be the teenager who organized summer programs for disadvantaged youth. The list is endless. The Human Rights Award is presented at the annual CWU Human Rights Celebration Day.  Download a Human Rights Award Form or call 1-212-870-2347 for more information.

Thank a Key Woman in your Unit

The Key Woman Award recognizes key women within the community. What defines a key woman is that many people know her and she knows many of the parishioners.  It could be the Youth director, the Parish Secretary, a Church Council Member whomever the church deems appropriate for the title. The point is that we want to uplift CWU and build new members who can easily invite others who might be interested in CWU as well.  Download the Key Woman Form or call 1-212-870-2347 for more information.

Recognize a Young Church Woman United (YCWU)

The need to recognize the valuable contributions made in the field of ecumenism by our younger sisters in Christ prompted the development of the YOUNG CHURCH WOMAN UNITED INITIATIVE. Since 2002 the recognition has become a way to involve younger women and promote inter-generational dialogue. Church Women United feels the need to recognize and affirm our younger sisters in Christ who are working in many different vineyards of church, school, community, business, etc. Funds from the sale of Young CWU certificates will support the YCWU Initiative. Download a YCWU form or call 1-212-870-2347 for more information.