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Structure & Governance

CWU Structure and Governance

Church Women United is a movement of local, state, regional and national units which are interrelated and interdependent. Each part has its own organizational style and program within the framework of the movement and in the spirit of Church Women United’s purpose and goals.

The national unit consists of the Common Council, the highest legislative authority of CWU which meets every four years to approve program goals and a budget for the Quadrennial. The officers of the Common Council – the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer – are the officers for the corporation. In addition to the officers, the voting members of the Common Council include the:

  • Board of Directors
  • Nominating Committee
  • State Presidents
  • Designated representatives from each participating Church-related women’s organization

Other State Unit Board members, staff of participating church-related women’s organizations and representatives of ecumenical organizations may attend Common Council as observers at their own expense or at the invitation of CWU.

The Board of Directors of Church Women United meets once a year in person and other times as needed by conference call. It has two major functions: 1) program planning, implementation and monitoring, and 2) general business such as budget adjustments, personnel decisions and policy development. The members include the officers, the program and nominating committee chairpersons, the regional coordinators, two representatives of the participating church-related women’s organizations, and the two Young Church Women United representatives. The President may appoint other committees and work groups.

The Standing Committees are the Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, and Financial Development Committee.

The Enabling Committees are the Nominating Committee, and the Governance & Bylaws Committee.

The Program Committees are the Celebrations Committee, the Action/Global Concerns Committee, and the Communications Committee.

The Young Church Women United Representatives are a more recent addition to the Board of Directors and bring the perspectives of younger women to the program planning of CWU.

State Units are geographically designated into larger groups known as Regions. A Regional Coordinator for each region is elected by the Common Council. Regional Coordinators serve as a link between state and local units, the Common Council, Board of Directors and staff. Regional meetings are scheduled regularly, usually biennially.

Local Units connect to the Common Council and Board of Directors through their state presidents, regional coordinators, and members of the Council and Board in their region or community.

The National Offices that provide staff to carry out the work of Church Women United are located in New York City and in Washington D.C.

Our Governing Documents

All of the following are the most recently updated version

CWU BASIC BOOK – Updated September 2016

CWU BYLAWS – Updated September 2016

CWU STANDING RULES – Updated September 2016