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  • New 2018 Materials Available!

    Visit our online CWU Store to order 2018 Celebration Materials! Materials are also available by Mail Order and phone through the National Office: 212-870-2347.

  • World Day of Prayer 2018

    Church Women United has celebrated World Day of Prayer for decades. Join this global celebration of prayer on Friday March 2nd. Materials for this year's World Day of Prayer were created and shaped by women in Suriname.

  • Quadrennial Priorities: Human Rights

    Church Women United believes every child has the right to a quality education. We support innovative learning environments for our children designed to protect human dignity and support their well-being and full development. We work to ensure our children are prepared to compete, produce and thrive in the global economies of the 21st century.

    Find out what your CWU Unit can do for child education!

  • Quadrennial Priorities: Hunger and Poverty

    Church Women United believes children, our most vulnerable citizens, are entitled to nutritious food choices and food security to ensure a healthy lifestyle, academic achievement, and economic productivity. As women of faith we are called to feed the poor, shelter the homeless and protect our children.

    Find out what your CWU Unit can do for childhood hunger!

  • Quadrennial Priorities: Women's Health

    Church Women United women live full lives and fill many roles; including demanding careers. We often take little time for ourselves and virtually give little to no attention to our health. We pledge to be more attentive to our health and support other women in championing their health and well-being.

    Find out what your CWU Unit can do for women's heart health!

  • Quadrennial Priorities: Diversity and Inclusion

    Church Women United understands in an increasingly diverse and global world, the gospel of Christ is our example for embracing differences: in wealth, in ethnicity, in culture, and in race.Our ecumenical partnerships, valued faith traditions and Christian perspectives provide valuable resources for addressing the intersections of race, ethnicity and culture.

    Find out what your CWU Unit can do for racial and ethnic equality!


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** An Important Notice for January - February 2018 **

We are moving our office space to another part of our building in the next few weeks. During this time, store orders will be more delayed than usual. Please allow for an additional two weeks to process orders and shipping. If you have questions, please call 212-870-2347.

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Want to honor a woman in your Church Women United Unit? Want to honor someone in your community doing social service and human rights? Check out these awards, and honor those who serve your area well!

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